highly controversial issues

They aren’t “brigades”, they are just the normal users of this subreddit. And I saw less racism and sexism on the Hunt threads before they were closed than see on a normal day here.The story that broke the Matt Patricia allegations was deleted and never allowed to be re posted. Statements from the team, Patricia, and his former colleagues in support of him were.When Bob McNair died, any posts about his “prisoners” statements were deleted, while those calling him a good man were kept up.When Reuben Foster was signed, any mention of other Washington controversies, like the cheerleader sex trafficking, were also deleted.So you decided it better to not have a platform at all? While I don nessesarily think this is an objectively bad move in all cases (Although I do disagree with it) I have to wonder if this de facto policy was imposed unilaterally or if there was community consensus regarding the use of mass thread lockings in highly controversial issues.

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