This will come with more maturity and experience

Upland areas in the west of the county are hilly, containing oak and pine trees. The highest elevation in the county about 150 (46 above sea level is found near the border with Camden County, just west of Hammonton. The county’s western boundary with Burlington and Camden counties, clarified in 1761, is a manmade line about halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay..

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More to the story: Doctor told her after checking that she could probably be one of the very rare cases to give birth en caul, but they could pop to expedite it. So when the sac burst right after clearing, it didn just hit the doctor, but these very young nurses that might have been medical students got splashed as well, as they were leaning in to see. The doctor and female nurses were cracking up just as it happened, but the guys just had this shocked look on their face.

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